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December 4, 2016  

They say most stories come in three acts. Well, the good ones at least. I'm not so sure if this is "a good one" or not, but I enjoyed playing in it. I hope you enjoy listening to it. It's been a long time coming, and things about to come to an end. How will things end up? Will everyone escape with their lives? Will only some of us survive? Or will we be trapped in this hell house forever?

Sorry about the lateness of this latest episode, and the lack of care in this edit. Getting hectic around the offices here at Dire Weasels HQ. Thank you for your continued patience, and we have been making progress towards getting back to cannonical episodes. Here more from us soon!

On this episode of Arbitrary Adventures, we feature Alex Cater, from S House Studios @happypuke, Ben Cook, from Illogical Show, a Star Trek based show, both @thebendcook and @illogicalshow, John, our regular @absurdistKobold, Matt, from GeeklyInc Random Encounters, @punk1290, Travis, find his art and more, @ibplunderin, Jack, find him @Mr_Cynic and his emails he sends to us, and Cody, from stuff, @codedude3. Again, they have character names, but I'm too lazy. If you like what we do here, give us a review on your podcasting app! Maybe even go over to patreon,com/direweasels and throw some cash at us. Want to go ahead and contact us, email us at direweasels@gmail.com! Go ahead and find more podcasts in the S House Studio network, maybe check out @SHouseStudio first on twitter.

The music for the intro and outro respectively are “This House” and “Evening of Chaos” both by Kevin MacLeod from incompetech.com. These songs are Licensed under a Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License.

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