Dire Weasels: A real(ish) play 5e Dungeons and Dragons podcast Once described as if D&D and Cards Against Humanity had a baby. That seems fairly close.

September 29, 2016  
We finally enter what ever this... "Tower" thing is supposed to be. Something, however, seems off. Something mysterious is happening here, but I don't think the characters realize it yet. Nor do the players even... Don't be alone, because madness ensues in this very tight, very limp episode of the Dire Weasels podcast! I penetrate the darkness...

We are, and totally will forever be @Direweasels. Currently we are Forrest @walk6070 as your DM, John @absurdistkobold as DoaKnucks, Ivana @arcanevice as Mike, Mollie @eskimomo9 as Sierra Mist and Cody @codedude3 as Grimgar.

Got any questions or comments that you want us to read on the show? Email us at direweasels@gmail.com.


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