Dire Weasels: A real(ish) play 5e Dungeons and Dragons podcast Once described as if D&D and Cards Against Humanity had a baby. That seems fairly close.

August 15, 2018  

Big Muthafuckin' Crab Truckers is a one page TTRPG about big crabs being truckers. You can find the best copy that we could find here. We decided to do a slight spin on it being "space" crab truckers. This is an arbitrary adventure and probably the most you will hear John and Cody laugh in a long, long, LONG time. Also, tacked onto this, this is our second time going through this, or rather our "Part TWO" or "Part DUuu" of this when we actually read the rules but give little to no shits about it? 

Cody, or @codedude3, is our mighty glorious leader guiding us into battle. Ivana, or @arcaneVice gets drunk. John, or @AbsurdistKobold, has fabulous hair. Mollie, or @MollieMM9, silently regrets every decision that has lead her to this podcast. Forrest, or @Walk6070, jerks it to the sound of typing and howler monkeys.

The amazing guests on this arbitrary adventure are Nicole, @nmhueser from SHU podcast on the Generation Justice feed, and Kelly, @MightBeKelly from Ethernautica podcast, and Matt, @punk1290, from the Drunks and Dragons Random Encounter podcast!

Cody does the best he can with the shit audio he gets (sometimes Marc, or @0dius will help out when he can)

Also, you may have noticed we have some new art for our thumbnail? Well that's thanks to our patrons, and the amazing Alex Graudins! She can be found @toonyballoony

You can find us on twitter @DireWeasels, you can email us questions and the like at direweasels@gmail.com
Dire Weasels are a part of the S House Studio network, a group of podcasts growing together to have fun and better themselves, hopefully.

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