Dire Weasels: A real(ish) play 5e Dungeons and Dragons podcast Once described as if D&D and Cards Against Humanity had a baby. That seems fairly close.

January 19, 2017  

(Updated 12/14/16)

Music: The new Avenged Sevenfold album is their best since City of Evil. Check it out folks.
TV: Slowly working my way through Community, and it's pretty damn great.
Currently Reading: I am slowly working my way through the Harry Potter book series so I can get more out of Yer' a Wizard, Harry. I am behind because I work a fuckton.
Currently Playing: Fire Emblem: Whatever the path where you don't choose a side is called.



It's 23:35 in my world. The 18th day of the 1st month in the Year of Cheeto Stalin. I do not recommend his leadership. I wouldn't even recommend him as a doorstop to be honest. I do recommend stocking up on birth control and booze. Those things mix very well together. Joel Gott Cabernet stains my lips regularly, drink that. Listen to Harmontown, it's a much better podcast than the Dire Weasels. Next time you brew coffee, toss in a couple cinnamon sticks(not powder. Fuck cinnamon powder) and a bunch of brown sugar. No cream. It's my favourite way to drink coffee at the moment. I also recommend the app Relax Melodies, there's a variety of soothing sounds and guided meditations which will help immensely if you have trouble falling asleep at night. Floss. Read A Stranger in a Strange Land. Watch The Perks of Being A Wallflower (be prepared to cry). Play Skyrim. Go to sleep. I am. kthxbai.