Dire Weasels: A real(ish) play 5e Dungeons and Dragons podcast Once described as if D&D and Cards Against Humanity had a baby. That seems fairly close.

August 18, 2016  

With chaos currently griping the crew of the Dire Weasels, we turn to some of our audience to help give you some content! This time, after a fateful dice roll and some decision non-making, we decided to play Fiasco, and in the shadow of SHU, we decide to play Super heroes! I mean, sort of? You'll see.

I decided to take some liberties with this episode. I've added in somethings that I hope more help than harm the episode as a whole. If you liked what you heard, let us know! This is only a part one, which means your input may decide on what we do with part 2! I've taken out some of the banter, but don't worry, it's all in a blooper reel I've been creating. Now, on to actual business...

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Joining us for this fiasco is Bailee as Ms. Print, @Ir0icanventure, and Jonny as Brimstone Kid, @solventbubbles. Your regular cast is John as Sticky Fingers, @absurdistkobold, Forrest as Ronald Raygun, @walk6070, and Cody as Tik Tok, @codedude3.

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